I feel deeply saddened about the current political climate going off in Hong Kong at the moment, see here, but feel unbelievably proud that I am a Hongkonger. Born there in 1981 and lived there for 18 years before I moved to London to start my Fine Arts & BA Degree… I seemed to have got hooked because I am still here in London with my own family now.

Although I am very far away, I still have such a connection as my family and friends still live there and to be fair, it is and will always be my home at heart. What an incredible, peaceful protest OccupyCentral is and I really hope that through all of this, the magnitude of people and students really help to make a difference and that Hong Kong can have the democracy that they so deserve and were promised.

Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten told the BBC that the current situation represented “a breach of what the Chinese government have promised Hong Kong…¬†They said these matters were within the autonomy of the Hong Kong government and they are now reneging on that.”

A 5 year old boy quoted to his mummy…”People are angry because they don’t want China to be the boss of Hong Kong.”

Enough Said.