Cellandia’s Christmas giftlist & WISH list…

From everything sweet & savoury to gorgeous home making gifts, it’s all out there… For me though I have a few things that I cannot wait to get a piece of but that I also cannot wait to give..

I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous HAM products but especially the awesome mugs that the lovely Jo has created and brought to shelves across the nation. From the ‘Wine Tasting Rabbit’ to the ‘Superhero Rabbit’ it’s hard to not love them and it’s hard to not smile… I think a set of these will look amazing in my new cottage in Barnes and I can’t wait to get my order in….


Wine tasting rabbit £12.50


Moving on in a very practical sense and I must admit that a set of kitchen knives has been high on our list and after a fair bit of research I feel that Stellar James Martin has brought together a collection of knives fit for both amateur and professional designed to suit the lifestyle and cooking that you do… check out the collection, I will definitely be adding a set to my list for the man of the house and of course the chef!

sjm-macro-1 stellar-james-martin-knife-collection




plenty_video._SX342_SY299_To tickle those tastebuds, I have been so excited about the new Ottolenghi recipe books… Plenty & Plenty More… Yotam takes you on such a mouthwateringly exciting journey with food, delving into all the various techniques we use in every day cooking: grilling, roasting, steaming, braising, mashing and baking. A fantastic culinary journey… these books needs a home in my new kitchen!


Then something for the little dreamer in the house… who is fascinated by life at just 17months and I thought could be introduced to this… Walnut Toy Farm… which you can buy here.


Walnut Toy Farm

and a set of these would be gorgeous too… buy your set here.


Animal Nesting Dolls


credit to Izumi Idoia Zubia, such a beautiful and creative gift

Each book (ring bound) includes 8 collages / pre drawn environments and 4 patterned papers with various big and small shapes to be cut… could have the children occupied for hours….








We must not forget the cat, of course if money was of no object then I would be spoiling her with this… Check it out in detail here.


Dog Shaped Cat Scratching post £695


I will be filling my house with gorgeous scent of Résine Candle from DIPTYQUE and it’s gorgeous scent of pine needles, I just love the smell of Christmas…that and our wood burning fire…. 


Diptyque Résine Candle £26-£40


I met the wonderful people behind the gorgeous brand iBBi at the Daisy Trust Christmas Fair and was immediately in love… Not just with their mantra and keeping things close to heart, working closely with the artisans that create each piece with all the love & care in the world but also because each piece of tableware to each throw has been made so beautifully and with such intricacy, there’s not much to not love… a beautiful collection of these ramekins would make such a special present, for in the kitchen, living room, dresser or bedside table….img_5659_1_ img_5630_1__1


Katie is a lovely lady and she designs some gorgeous stationery and along the way I have spoiled myself with a few of her beautiful paper treats… From one stationer to another, I just love the simplicity but the vintage look of her Navy Stripe Notebook and for just £8.00 it will make a splendid gift for anyone that has too many ideas, too much of the time… like me!



I’m really getting into my chevron designs… and I’ve been looking for something for a while. This one here 993-115-G67s

is just awesome and it comes in at such a good price £75.00 (W170 x L230 cm)…Check out those lines… and they even do a doormat, cool hey?

So the man likes chocolate and it would be rude not to… I think I might make this for Christmas as a treat… What do you think? For the recipe, click here.


Bloomin brilliant chocolate brownies


imgres-1  imgres

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without lights and I really like these this year… you can buy them here

To top it all off I shall be cooking up a feast on Christmas day, our very first Christmas in our new home – what better way to celebrate! Not without the help of these two… mainly Delia with a side helping of Jamie8173GpRMkZL._SL1500_


Watch this space for more exciting new gift ideas and also a few of the homemade kind too. X



the gift of something PERSONAL this Christmas…

Christmas is always there, at the end of the calendar but we forget about it as soon as the Spring flowers pop up to say hello, or if like me, when the decorations come down and the cards are all folded away. The house looks empty and somewhat different, except for the clusters of gifts, half eaten chocolates and piles of presents either end of the sofa after what was a truly wonderful Christmas… and so they say, till next year!

Then, suddenly it’s back again and Christmas is coming, it’s a very glittery, sparkly affair here in London, as it always is, with lights in every shopping high street and music that you can’t bear most of the time playing from all the shops… For me and for most, it’s a time to be with family, to celebrate togetherness and love. To be grateful for what we’ve got and to make a mark at the year just gone. Glasses are raised throughout the festive season and we all gorge on delicious homemade treats from mince pies to sausage rolls..

This year I have been creating stunning stationery sets that stand out above the rest – they are unique, personal and evoke memories in both the sender and the one lucky enough to receive the card whether by the form of a thank you or simply a message to say… Unique Storytelling Cards, what’s not to love?

Cellandia stationery sets start at £12.50 or for your personal set whether for yourself or as a gift – these start at £25.00. Please get in touch at

FullSizeRender IMG_5465



Thirty First October Twenty Fourteen… for you MUM x

So every year, on the 31st October people from all over the world celebrate Halloween. All the little mights, ghouls and goblins gather, the witches, devils and vampires unite and everyone lights a pumpkin and eats a few treats, well to put it bluntly thats sort of what happens…

Halloween or Hallowe’en (/ˌhæləˈwn, ˈn, ˌhɑːl/; a contraction of “All Hallows‘ Evening“), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a yearly celebration.

Olivia and Pumpkins 2013

Little O at 3 months, Cleaver Sq 2013

Olivia and Pumpkins 2 2013

a happy little cat and some happy looking pumpkins 2013

For me and for my family, it is just that, a celebration… My darling mum passed away on October 31st 2003 and being everything that she was and continues to be to us all, she was unbelievably inspiring and creative too. So with every year that passes, I have so much more to celebrate and so much more of a reason why. However you think of Halloween or All Hallows Eve, it’s history and story are dedicated to remembering the dead, those that have left us and for me this ignites even more passion in making each Halloween that much more special. The true meaning of Halloween and its origins have been lost over the years and of course influenced by todays society, also various religions and faiths have formed their own and slightly different traditions. What I find most poignant is that although the idea of lighting a gourd, turnip, suede or pumpkin to so many might seem ridiculous but its origin and purpose was to create a symbol of life that had passed, to welcome the spirits back, as All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day “is when our world is closer to theirs” …. It is the candle inside the pumpkin that is magical and people would display their lit pumpkins or Jack-o-Lanterns in windows and doorways to welcome back the sprits, and to me, I find that rather special…


Pumpkins for tonights celebration!


This year we are celebrating with all our local Kennington friends in Cleaver Square… There will be Chilli for the grown ups and sausages and buns for the kids… A gathering where the kids can eat in between their trick-or-treat rounds and haribo feasts but also a chance for us grown ups to enjoy a glass or two of wine and celebrate! Little O is dressing up as a little pumpkin and I cannot wait to see her staggering about  with her other little buddies later tonight! Being another special day on All Saints Day (my birthday!), I made cake too, I mean why not? There is always an excuse to eat cake and today an even bigger one!


My halloween special, for you Mum (& Me!)


I was totally inspired by Jamie’s roasted pumpkin seeds too, so I’ve done mine with smoked paprika and chilli flakes and you will be surprised – they are damn good and very moreish! I actually carved another pumpkin just to get more seeds to roast…! See here for the recipe…








So here’s a little Halloween wish to all of you and to everyone that has loved and lost, to all those that have left, may you enjoy the spectacular glow that tonights display of lit pumpkins, all over the world create. Happy Halloween.



we are in for warm halloween this year!




CHRISTMAS is coming…

Believe it or not, but yes Christmas is coming and as the design studio has been filling up with orders since September, Cellandia gets things started early!

Beautiful, personal Christmas cards that will mark this year with something so special are just the beginnings of what we aim to create and produce. There is nothing more important than feeling happy about your cards and getting them started early. If it’s one more thing off your list then why not?

I used to be a firm believer of not treading into Christmas, whether by tip toe or with a big heavy thud until at least Halloween and my birthday were well out of the way, but the thing is as a stationery supplier based in London you can imagine that even in the heat of the summer we are thinking Christmas. Also, to be fair, I’m now a mum and so that means we get organised early and there’s a jolly good reason why.

Cellandia has been creating corporate cards for various companies across the nation but also personal cards that are catered to each individual, using Cellandia’s trademark designs. Whether using a simple design together with a photo, your cards will reach friends and family with a message from the heart and what better time than Christmas to make them smile even more. You know that Granny will have placed your card in the front on the mantle piece too!Christmas is coming...

Our unique storytelling cards are designed, printed and finished and London, all using luxury textured card stock and no detail is left out from the start of design process to packing up your order.

Say hello, place your order or enquire at




I love Indian food, the authentic Indian food and all the spices and ways you can tenderise meat and give vegetables an exciting and vibrant twist… I especially love all the Indian breads, from roti to chapati’s to naan breads and then of course paratha’s. All of them used to bring the delicious curried meat or veg to your mouth is all part of why I love Indian food. I am no way an expert and I am no way a culinary genius. I am probably a cheat like most other Brits here in London but I will try and use as fresh as possible and from scratch as often as possible. Rick Stein’s recent journey across the sub-continent of Asia exploring all the most wonderful dishes we are so familiar with but everything else we’ve never heard of and more… The BBC Two series left you wanting to not only rediscover Indian cooking but re-stock your spice cupboard and travel India for months on a taste adventure if anything! However it did and continues to inspire me to be a little more exciting when I cook.

The latest is a Lamb Biryani recipe, a mixed rice dish using spices and meat or veg and then baked in the oven… Here I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver, made using your leftover roast shoulder of lamb… Which I posted earlier here… Stein uses chicken in his recipe here which I’ll try next, he also often suggests using mutton… However, I think that another way to use up your leftovers is great, so I went with Jamie’s…The lamb is already tender and you make the stock from boiling up the bones and then a gorgeous heavenly sauce is made from ginger, chilli, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin, ground cardamon, garam, mustard seeds (anything else in your curry powder) and mango chutney. Then you layer rice, spinach, lamb into your oven dish and cover with another layer of rice and is baked in the oven.

image2                  image1

For a dinner party, I served the Lamb Biryani with a minty cucumber Raita, warmed Chapati’s and to start some homemade Vegetable Samosa’s washed down with some Cobra beer… ! We loved it and our guests did too, definitely one we will do again. Thanks Jamie and thanks Rick for all the inspiration!

image4                   image5 image6


nothing quite like LAMB…


Slow roast shoulder of lamb

This is so simple and yet so mouth-wateringly tasty. All you need is a shoulder of lamb, sea salt and a hot oven which has been pre-heated to 200 degrees, you put your lamb in for 30 minutes, then after that you leave your shoulder in the oven at a lower temperature of 160 degrees for 4 hours.. In a baking tray with nothing but salt, you let the lamb do its thing… I love lamb with couscous and home made tsatziki but traditional roast veg always works well too.




I feel deeply saddened about the current political climate going off in Hong Kong at the moment, see here, but feel unbelievably proud that I am a Hongkonger. Born there in 1981 and lived there for 18 years before I moved to London to start my Fine Arts & BA Degree… I seemed to have got hooked because I am still here in London with my own family now.

Although I am very far away, I still have such a connection as my family and friends still live there and to be fair, it is and will always be my home at heart. What an incredible, peaceful protest OccupyCentral is and I really hope that through all of this, the magnitude of people and students really help to make a difference and that Hong Kong can have the democracy that they so deserve and were promised.

Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten told the BBC that the current situation represented “a breach of what the Chinese government have promised Hong Kong… They said these matters were within the autonomy of the Hong Kong government and they are now reneging on that.”

A 5 year old boy quoted to his mummy…”People are angry because they don’t want China to be the boss of Hong Kong.”

Enough Said.