I love Indian food, the authentic Indian food and all the spices and ways you can tenderise meat and give vegetables an exciting and vibrant twist… I especially love all the Indian breads, from roti to chapati’s to naan breads and then of course paratha’s. All of them used to bring the delicious curried meat or veg to your mouth is all part of why I love Indian food. I am no way an expert and I am no way a culinary genius. I am probably a cheat like most other Brits here in London but I will try and use as fresh as possible and from scratch as often as possible. Rick Stein’s recent journey across the sub-continent of Asia exploring all the most wonderful dishes we are so familiar with but everything else we’ve never heard of and more… The BBC Two series left you wanting to not only rediscover Indian cooking but re-stock your spice cupboard and travel India for months on a taste adventure if anything! However it did and continues to inspire me to be a little more exciting when I cook.

The latest is a Lamb Biryani recipe, a mixed rice dish using spices and meat or veg and then baked in the oven… Here I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver, made using your leftover roast shoulder of lamb… Which I posted earlier here… Stein uses chicken in his recipe here which I’ll try next, he also often suggests using mutton… However, I think that another way to use up your leftovers is great, so I went with Jamie’s…The lamb is already tender and you make the stock from boiling up the bones and then a gorgeous heavenly sauce is made from ginger, chilli, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin, ground cardamon, garam, mustard seeds (anything else in your curry powder) and mango chutney. Then you layer rice, spinach, lamb into your oven dish and cover with another layer of rice and is baked in the oven.

image2                  image1

For a dinner party, I served the Lamb Biryani with a minty cucumber Raita, warmed Chapati’s and to start some homemade Vegetable Samosa’s washed down with some Cobra beer… ! We loved it and our guests did too, definitely one we will do again. Thanks Jamie and thanks Rick for all the inspiration!

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