wonderful EGGS…


Oeufs en Cocotte…Eggs and crème fraîche are all you need for this super-simple yet very tasty dish. You can also throw in almost anything savoury you find in your fridge. Try serving it with plenty of crusty bread. Here I’ve added chilli to the eggs and to follow some crispy pancetta & melon. Eggs take about 15minutes in the oven at 180



Egg on toast with spinach and mushrooms… and that’s it pretty much, you can add cheese to your spinach or even marmite to your toast..



Eggs with Aspargus soldiers… theres nothing much to it really, just make sure the asparagus isn’t overcooked and still has a crunch… Little O especially loved this.



Poached egg on a bed of crispy kale with lardons… this is super tasty and really easy too… Steam your kale and fry your lardons, when they start to crisp up, season with black pepper, chilli and basil and then add your kale and wait for it to crisp up, about 10 minutes, it will turn a little darker too. I use a poacher for my egg here, its cheating i know, but just works out better… Enjoy!

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