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Cellandia’s Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been passionate about photography.

To capture a moment in time, a unique object, a poignant building or engaged human expression fascinates me. Inspired by my father who gave me my first camera age 8, I saw the world from a new, visual perspective and there began my love affair with the arts.

I grew up in Hong Kong, a vibrant multi-cultural city full of constant surprises, that opened my eyes to rich diversity and where I lived until I decided to move to London to further my passion. Graduating from Chelsea School of Arts and London College of Fashion I developed the knowledge, skills and commercial vision to move into the workplace. When the opportunity arose to manage an interior design boutique in London, I seized it, along with a lifestyle move to France to manage a rural, stunning Basque guest house, where I was able to make my mark and collect meaningful storytelling pieces…

With a family that is uniquely widespread across the globe, in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia, South Africa and England, my designs are influenced very much by my travel experiences.

The idea behind Cellandia stemmed from my desire to create a special collection of cards using both my design and photographic skills. The name? Taken from my favourite childhood book featuring Cellandia, a winged summer fairy who inspired all with her charm, lightness of being and visual presence – the Cellandia brand was conceived …’

Our Philosophy

Creating and re-creating, beautiful, timeless and well travelled crafted cards as treasured keepsakes

Unique storytelling cards because each and every Cellandia card has its own compelling story …

Reminiscing shared travels with loved ones, family and friends, inspired by ‘distressed postcards’, vintage stains, bygone postmarks and ink scripted personalised messages

Making a lasting impression in the minds of others with cards that look and feel stunningly different down to the fabric, that touch the hearts and minds

Evolving Cellandia’s unique collection is what keeps our journey moving and the surprises constant … and we all love surprises!

Thank you for your interest in cellandia.

Please send an email to info@cellandia.com or use the contact form below.

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